Tattoo Care Using Essential Oils


Have you gotten a new tattoo recently?

What will you use for aftercare? A&D ointment? Tattoo Goo? Vaseline? Aquaphor?



These are all popular suggestions that will come up when you Google aftercare products for tattoos..

One of the first ingredients in A&D ointment, Vaseline AND Aquaphor is petrolatum (aka petroleum jelly) which is one of the worst things you can put on a new tattoo!

Petrolatum (petroleum jelly) actually can draw the color out of your new tattoo and provides NO moisturizing element. 

Tattoo Goo seems like a better alternative right? It has a few natural ingredients but yet again contains petrolatum and not only that DYES!

Melaleuca essential oil and a little FCO (fractioned coconut oil) will not only keep your new tattoo moisturized it will help it heal the Melaleuca will help fight off bacteria!

Melaleuca has many amazing properties it is antimicrobial, antiseptic and antiviral!

Next time I get a tattoo I will be using Melaleuca essential oil from Spark Naturals as well as fractioned coconut oil (FCO) from Spark Naturals! 


It is the most natural protocol and has only TWO ingredients!

Melaleuca essential oil is only $6.99 for a 5ml bottle!

Fractioned coconut oil (FCO) is only $9.20! 

If you are interested in purchasing one or both of these items please use this link

Don’t forget to use coupon code: jeanne (lowercase) to save 10%

off of your purchase!


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One thought on “Tattoo Care Using Essential Oils

  1. I am heavily tattooed and always use extra virgin coconut oil. I am a hard healer, always start to scab, and find the sauna is the best remedy for scabbing, in addition to keeping my tattoos covered by plastic wrap or Tatu Derm for up to a week when not in the shower or sauna.

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