Don’t Forget The Sunscreen!


Its getting to be that time of year when people start dusting off their suitcases and begin to think about their summer vacation. Don’t let bug bites, motion sickness, sunburns, swimmers ear, stomach distress, and road rage ruin your trip! Make sure you have the ESSENTIALS!



Did you know that certain smells can have an effect on anxiety and road rage? PEPPERMINT not only helps drivers stay alert it can help curb drivers frustration. GRAPEFRUIT can help with mental fatigue which can be a problem on long road trips. When dealing with motion sickness, PEPPERMINT is going to be your first choice. Before heading out on your road trip add 1-3 drops behind the ears, on the navel, and on your wrists. Repeat this hourly and start several hours before your trip! When applying this to children dilute PEPPERMINT with fractioned coconut oil. If you experience nausea during the trip use GINGER. Inhale it from the bottle or roll on the bottom of your feet.



If you’ve experienced sea sickness in the past then you’ll want to always be prepared with GINGER. A couple drops of ginger inhaled from the palms of your hand or inhaled from a handkerchief can be very beneficial.



Camping can be a fun and economical way to spend time with your family over the summer.


Enjoy fishing, late night campfires, and hiking trips without the annoyance of insects. Spark Naturals has a NATURE-OUTDOOR blend that is a great bug repellent. BASIL and LEMONGRASS are also great insect repellents. If you experience a bug bite or sting apply LAVENDAR directly to the affected area. Got a sunburn from that long hike? LAVENDAR with fractioned coconut oil will take the sting out of the sunburn! Have you brought home an unwanted souvenir? Apply 1-2 drops of THYME directly on a tick AND the surrounding area. Do NOT use this protocol on animals!



Just the thought of them makes me queasy! You are going to want SHIELD blend! Have your blend pre-mixed in a 2 oz. spray bottle (10 drops SHIELD and fill the remainder with witch hazel). Spray EVERYTHING from door handle and beyond! Be prepared especially with kiddos that ALWAYS need to go to the bathroom!

You can find the spray bottles here under ACCESSORIES



So you decided to skip the sea sickness, road trip road rage, and porta-potties? Maybe you decided to spend the weekend at a local resort.. If you spend too much time in the pool and you develop swimmers ear add 1 drop each MELALEUCA and LAVENDAR to a cotton ball and wipe the inside of the ear back of ear and jawline. NEVER put oils directly into the ear! In your room use your pre-made SHIELD spray to spray surfaces, faucets, remotes etc. The spray will not only sanitize surfaces, it will repel bed bugs! Spray the inside inside of your luggage before packing also!

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