Her first lost tooth….


Sunday morning my daughters first tooth was lose enough to pull!

This made me think about all of the other firsts..starting with the day she was born!

First smile, First words, First time she rolled over, First time she sat up by herself etc. 

You get the idea!

She was hesistant to let me pull her tooth but yet brave at the same time.

I never let anyone pull mine when they were lose!

As soon as the tooth was out the Tooth Fairy was on her mind! She asked me if the Tooth Fairy would be coming tonight, OF COURSE!!!

I had already created a little box for her to put her tooth in, a special place for the Tooth Fairy to leave her surprises in!


Monday morning she went to her box to see what the Tooth Fairy had left her..

1 small bag of Fairy Dust


3 sparkly coins


and a note congratulating her on the loss of her first tooth, and telling her to put the fairy dust in the fairy garden we will soon be creating!


She loved all of her surprises!

Its great seeing new memories added to her life..

I have to admit every time I see the little missing spot in her smile..

I wonder…what will be her next first?


If you’d like to read another sweet story about my daughter please check out this story


Have a blessed day!

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