DIY cologne for Dad

Looking for a Father’s Day gift idea?

How about this DIY cologne!


 Many essential oils can smell a bit “flowery” and men don’t care to use them.  This is a custom blend using woodsy oils with a hint of citrus.  Combine the oils in a roller bottle with fractioned coconut oil for easy application.  Vetiver is a very thick oil, so combining it this way makes it thinner and easier to apply.  Use a glass dropper to get the exact amount of vetiver in your blend.

 Apply your blend to your wrists..


or the back of your neck…


Cologne Blend

10 drops Vetiver   (reduces tension)

10 drops Cypress   (calming)

10 drops Eucalyptus   (relieves stress)

15 drops grapefruit   (anti-depressant)

Top off your roller bottle with Fractioned Coconut Oil


Here is the link for the glass dropper:

-Use caution when applying this blend at night the citrus oil may be stimulating-

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Maybe your guy doesn’t wear cologne..does he have a crazy Duck Dynasty inspired beard?

Check out the link below for making DIY hair wax!

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