15 Essential Oils Under $10! (Part Two)

Some essential oils can be a bit pricey but there are also quite a few that do amazing things and cost less than $10!
These oils help with everything from calming to cooking!
Rosemary, Wild Orange and Peppermint essential oils are my favorite in cooking and they are all under $10!
Lavender is great for so  many issues. It is good for use on acne; sunburns, insect bites and can also act as a insect repellent.
Lavender is very calming and is wonderful added to your childs stuffed animal.
LEMON (5.99)
Use aromatically to cleanse the air, and provide a great mood-enhancing environment.
Use topically to clear congested or oily skin and help treat cuts or minor wounds.
Place a few drops on a wet sponge and wipe down counters or surfaces in your home.
Gargle with warm water to clean mouth and aid with cold sores
Use in diffuser or aromatherapy as an insect repellant or to energize as well as relieve fatigue or lethargic feelings.
Use topically to help clear cellulite, as well as opening blocked pores or treat acne.
Dilute in water to help with colitis, indigestion and gastroenteritis.
LIME (5.99)
Diffuse to create a citrus smelling atmosphere that will help the immune system fight off colds and other respiratory ailments.
Use topically to increase circulation and to clear oily skin and acne.
Lime will also be delicious in water, used to make ice cubes and added to salsa
Marjoram has been used to help relax muscles and balance the mind; it has a warming action and pain killing properties that calm emotions.
Diffuse to help the body fight colds, sinus infections, respiratory ailments and bronchitis. 
Use topically to help fight any fungal, bacterial or viral infections. 
Take orally to aid the body with throat infections and to stimulate the immune system.
OREGANO (7.56)
Rub Oregano into gums to fight infections. 
Mix with carrier oil and use for diaper rash. 
Place under nostril to relieve sinus infections. 
Use as an antiseptic for cleaning supplies.
Diffuse to fight anxiety and depression along with fight off insects
Apply topically mixed with creams, lotions and shampoos to rejuvenate and heal the skin or fight infections such as slow healing wounds, fungal infections or athletes foot.
Place a few drops in capsule and take internally to help with internal infections or stomachaches.
Rub a few drops of peppermint to temples to relieve tension. 
Dilute 2 drops of peppermint in 4 oz of water to aid in digestion. 
Apply (dilute) drops on abdomen to help with stomach discomfort. 
Diffuse to help with decongestant and to improve taste and smell.
Add a few drops to mouthwash to help with halitosis. 
Apply topically in areas of sore muscles, headaches or arthritis. 
Inhale or use aromatically to aid with congestion, allergies, cold sores, sore throats or flu. 
Place a few drops in your shampoo to stimulate hair cells and re-growth.
Diffuse to create an uplifting citrus aroma. Tangerine can help sooth the nervouse system, reduce stress and boost the digestive system.
Mix a few drops into your body lotions to help prevent stretch marks when pregnant while increasing circulation and reducing water retention.
Blends well With: other citrus oils, cinnamon, clary sage, clove, frankincense and lavender.
THYME (8.66)
Use aromatically to help calm nervousness, fight depression, aid in memory and fight off bacteria. 
Use topically to help improve circulation, fight arthritis, and for muscular aches, pains, sprains and injures. 
Use internally as an antioxidant or to help with gum infections or oral irritations.
WHITE FIR (6.99)
Diffuse to fight airborne bacteria, germs and to stimulate the mind while allowing the body to relax. 
Apply topically to reduce aches from cold and flu and exercised muscles
Diffuse to help with colds and flu, to help alleviate stress and create a warm happy environment. 
Blend with lotion, creams or carrier oil to help with aging skin and revitalize dry skin. 
Add to water or smoothie for an exotic taste and help with water retention in body.
Wild Orange is delicious added to baked goods and homemade chocolate treats.
The best and safest way to use wintergreen is to mix or dilute with other essential oils, bases, carriers or creams. Wintergreen should never be taken internally and should always be kept out of the reach of children
Remember that ALL citrus essential oils are photosensitive, wait 24 hours after application to go out in the sun!
Nobody likes a sunburn!
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