A Burger For Barb

A burger for Barb is a tribute to my sister. My sister and I were very different, we didn’t have many things in common.  We did have a love for burgers in common…bacon cheeseburgers to be exact.
Something that we loved to do was go out to lunch and there was only one thing we would eat.  Bacon cheeseburgers!  We loved to go to new restaurants and “rate” the burgers and discuss how they could be improved upon.  I cherish my memories of the times that we had together laughing, complaining and eating burgers.
My sister, Barb, passed away seven years ago. She was an amazing person. She wasn’t judgmental, she was generous, had a great laugh, loved Christmas lights, and loved her family.  Probably one of her greatest sadness’s in her life was that she was never able to have children.  She was an amazing aunt though and showered her nieces and nephews with love.  I miss my sister tremendously, she was only 48 years old when she passed away.  She was my best friend…
My Aunt Barb LOVED burgers..
I’ve been researching online for some delicious burgers that I knew she would love..
This French Fry Bourbon Burger looks AMAZING I know she would love it!
This burger looks yummy and has shredded lettuce Aunt Barbs fav!
Cheddar & Bacon stuffed burger? Yes please!
Personally I didn’t eat many burgers with Aunt Barb but I have thousands of other VERY fond memories with her.
I can’t believe that it has been 7 years since she passed away. She was my 2nd mom..I still love her so much, and wish I could share so many things with her.
Especially Charlotte!
I miss you Aunt Barb..You are so special to me!
Check out this burger, Its the worlds largest burger and cost $2,000!
It has 30lbs of bacon and 36lbs of cheese!
Next time you’re in Detroit you can go to Mallie’s and pick one up! I wonder how big the doggy bag is!?
I invite anyone who knew Barb to share a memory of her below in the comments..

2 thoughts on “A Burger For Barb

  1. You are truly missed Aunt Barb!! One of the best years of my life was the year Laurie and I lived with you. Surrounded by nieces and nephews every day with nothing but smiles, playing Nintendo, and building all kinds of creations. Being a huge sports fan but knowing almost nothing about hockey, you helped me understand and enjoy the sport immensely with all of our late night coyotes games. I hope to someday at least come close to the epic Clark Griswold Christmas that you and I put up. You taught me everything I know about exterior illumination!! We had some good times experimenting in the kitchen too, I can’t imagine what kind of concoctions we would come up with today with all the cooking stuff on TV. But most of all I just miss you cause you were amazing and my kids don’t get to hang with you. You would be so proud of all of them like you were of every kid that you impacted. Love you Aunt Barb and thanks for looking out for us up there!!!

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