4th of July Craft for your Paleo Kid

Its no secret that just about every Paleo recipe has 4+ eggs!

Recently we decided that it was a good idea to buy the 2 1/2 dozen eggs..It comes in a case like this..


When I saw it I immediately saw its crafting potential!

This craft is super simple you need one egg carton like this..


                                                                                     I painted the carton like this..so my daughter would know what colors went where

Make sure your Paleo Kid has on something that will cover their clothes!!!!

  I had my PK put on her paint shirt AFTER she painted her shirt.. ugh

Red acrylic paint

Blue acrylic paint

White acrylic paint

3 Paint brushes

A piece of cord/ribbon to hang it

Hole puncher

Something to put the paint on..we used a paint palette but you could use a paper plate

She did a great job it turned out beautiful!

flag9  flag8  flag7


Paint white dots on the blue part of the flag to represent the stars

Punch two holes and string your cord/ribbon through it, tie a knot at the top and hang!


Enjoy having your PK egg carton flag displayed!

I would love to see how it turned out!


Please feel free to post a picture of it on my Grow Share Inspire Facebook page


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Have a blessed week!



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