Becoming A Spark Naturals Affiliate

You're Invited To Become A
I am very passionate about essential oils and thoroughly LOVE being an affiliate for Spark Naturals. I love sharing with others about how my EO journey began~ (read about it here).
I love the freedom of being able to work from home, the road, Starbucks and while I’m waiting at appointments. I share my passion on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and here at my blog. You don’t need to have a social media standing or blog but it’s helpful!  You can share the exciting life of essential oil use with your family, friends or the cashier at the grocery store 🙂  Perhaps you’d like to host a home event?  Make it your own, what you’d like it to be and what you’re comfortable with. How exciting will it be to have your own coupon code to offer to your family, friends and followers offering them a 10% discount at Spark Naturals and you can use your coupon code also!
I bet about now you’re wondering how it all works? How much I’m going to say that you need to sell each month? How much cash it’s going to take to get started? How much you will need to purchase monthly? All great questions and it’s really pretty simple.
1. Fill out your application online and pay a yearly fee of $25.
It’s such a bargain, right? For a little over $2 a month you will get support (facebook group) and graphics!
2. Have your application approved and receive your coupon code! (you will be able to choose your own code)
3. Share your experience with essential oils however you choose to do so.
4. Friends, Family or Facebook Followers purchase using your code (and or link).
5. Spark Naturals confirms the sale.
6. You earn a commission.
Now you can go back and read that again but it will still be blissfully simple. No gimmicks! No pressure to sell any certain amount of product. No scheduled purchases. Work when you want, as much as you’d like, work full-time or part-time.
Here’s the online application  Would you please put my name (Jeanne Merkel) in the “who referred you spot”
Once you have your application approved please feel free to contact me at OR message me at my Facebook Page “Grow Share Inspire” with any questions you may have. I’m here to help!
If you aren’t quite ready to sign up yet, still have questions? Please feel free to message me now! I’d love to help.



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