Essential Highlights: The Citrus Kit

Essential Highlights-Citrus
Citrus oils are energizing, uplifting and invigorating. They can be a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. They can help with depression and winter time blues. I strongly encourage you to diffuse these “sunny” essential oils if you are experiencing cabin fever.
WILD ORANGE is a cheerful oil and very useful for mood elevation and generally well received by children. It can help relieve stress and is often used quite successfully to help children sleep. It can also help with constipation (apply to the navel). Wild Orange is also delicious added to smoothies, chocolate and pancake batter.
LEMON is a very fresh oil. It’s a great oil to diffuse in your kitchen because it’s great for eliminating odors. Do you want to get rid of cigarette smoke odor? Try lemon oil. Its anti-bacterial properties make it perfect for cleaning surfaces. Simply add lemon oil to a water filled glass bottle. It’s great for removing gum from your child’s hair or used as a natural gunk remover. One of my favorite uses is a quick swipe down the side of my nose to stop it from running.
GRAPEFRUIT is a bright oil that can help awaken your senses. It’s a great oil to add to your washcloth and leave on the shower floor,allow the heat of the shower to create an aromatic start for your day. I really think you’ll love the energy. Because of it’s high vitamin C content it’s great for immune support which is another reason to diffuse it when everyone is stuck indoors during the winter. It is also quite helpful with mental exhaustion.
LIME has an intoxicating citrus scent, I just love it. It is very uplifting when diffused and an oil you definitely will use in the kitchen. Use it in all of your lime inspired recipes and add it to your club soda. It’s also beneficial to help with colds,coughs,asthma and can boost the immune system. If you don’t have a diffuser add a drop into the palms of your hands with a carrier oil and inhale.
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(Citrus Oils may be photosensitive, avoid sunlight after use)




Ginger (large)(blog)
Ginger oil is warm and soothing and I think best know for it’s ability to squash morning sickness, nausea, and motion sickness. To use it as a digestive aid you can take it internally, apply it topically or diffuse it. Because of it’s antiseptic and carminative properties (a preperation intended to either prevent formation of gas or expel it) it’s wonderful for treating food poisoning and intestinal infections. I highly recommend diffusing ginger when dealing with chronic or severe nausea.
Ginger is one of my favorite oils and i use it daily for it’s anti-inflammatory properties.  I was having inflammatory pain in one of my knees and was using one drop each of lemongrass and ginger oil topically on my knee. I was definitely feeling improvement in my pain but I was looking for no pain. I knew that I needed to fight the inflammation from the inside out. It was then that I began to add one drop each of lemongrass and ginger in a quart of water daily, and in 3 days I was nearly pain free. I would make 2 suggestions if you are interested in this protocol. If you have pain that is moderate to severe you may need more ginger and lemongrass. Also, if you don’t want to drink the essential oils in your water, add them to a gel cap.  If you don’t want to use oils internally then by all means use it topically with a carrier oil. I really think you will love the warmth that you will have with these oils. If you’d like to add some additional pain relief, use peppermint oil also.
If you are looking for a warm, spicy and energizing diffuser blend try blending ginger and grapefruit oil. You can also blend them to make a body spray!
Grapefruit Ginger Body Spray
1 cup water
2 T alcohol free witch hazel
5 drops Grapefruit Oil
2 drops Ginger Oil
1 drop Vetiver Oil
Mix together and put in a glass spray bottle. Shake well to combine and before using.
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OOTM -march
What memories are evoked when you think of peppermint?  I think of Christmas, Candy Canes and my mother bringing me peppermint tea when I was sick.  (I also think about peppermint patties…)
Did you know Peppermint oil has the prestigious title as the world’s oldest medicine and there is good reason for that. The uses for peppermint oil are numerous.  And the health benefits of peppermint oil include it’s ability to treat stomach and bowel spasms, respiratory problems, nausea, pain relief, fever, indigestion and headache.
I’ve put together a list of 20 ways for you to use your peppermint oil, Enjoy!
1. Pest Control
2. Can Help Expel Gas
3. Eliminates Heartburn
4. Will Stop Hiccups
5. Improves Alertness and Concentration
6. Breath Freshener
7. Natural Pain Killer For A Toothache
8. Replace Store Bought Extract ( use 1/4 the amount called for in your recipe)
9. Add To Coffee And Cocoa
10. Headache Remedy
11. Mice And Spider Repellant
12. Add A Drop To Ant Bites (follow with lavender oil)
13. Makes A Great Cleaner
14. Diffuse Close To A Houseplant Infested With Aphids
15. Local Anesthetic
16. Use It With Oil Pulling
17. Expectorant (apply to chest and back with a carrier oil)
18. Muscle Pain
19. IBS
20. Cooling Spray (menopause)
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