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What memories are evoked when you think of peppermint?  I think of Christmas, Candy Canes and my mother bringing me peppermint tea when I was sick.  (I also think about peppermint patties…)
Did you know Peppermint oil has the prestigious title as the world’s oldest medicine and there is good reason for that. The uses for peppermint oil are numerous.  And the health benefits of peppermint oil include it’s ability to treat stomach and bowel spasms, respiratory problems, nausea, pain relief, fever, indigestion and headache.
I’ve put together a list of 20 ways for you to use your peppermint oil, Enjoy!
1. Pest Control
2. Can Help Expel Gas
3. Eliminates Heartburn
4. Will Stop Hiccups
5. Improves Alertness and Concentration
6. Breath Freshener
7. Natural Pain Killer For A Toothache
8. Replace Store Bought Extract ( use 1/4 the amount called for in your recipe)
9. Add To Coffee And Cocoa
10. Headache Remedy
11. Mice And Spider Repellant
12. Add A Drop To Ant Bites (follow with lavender oil)
13. Makes A Great Cleaner
14. Diffuse Close To A Houseplant Infested With Aphids
15. Local Anesthetic
16. Use It With Oil Pulling
17. Expectorant (apply to chest and back with a carrier oil)
18. Muscle Pain
19. IBS
20. Cooling Spray (menopause)
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