Two weeks ago at church we were taught about Jesus’ death on the cross, with lots of details..

I was honestly horrified with what I had learned! Jesus had to carry his cross with a crown of thorns dug into his head while being mocked the whole way. The nails that were pierced through his hands and feet were not the small finishing nails you can pick up at the hardware store. They were more like railroad spikes. I can’t imagine that pain! I can’t imagine standing there and witnessing all of this. Jesus suffered through all of that pain so WE could live forever in heaven. Wow. Are you going to heaven? Have you asked God to forgive all of your sins?

Do you want to ask him? This is the sinners prayer if you would like to pray it..

“Dear Lord Jesus,

I know I am a sinner, and I ask for your forgiveness. I believe you died for my sins and rose from the dead.  I trust and follow you as my Lord and Savior. Guide my life and help me to do your will.

In your name, amen.”

If you prayed this prayer and would like us to pray for you, we would love to!

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Jeddy’s On Your Jesus!

Get your Jeddy’s on your Jesus!

I’ve been asked how I got started with essential oils? My story begins with my granddaughter, Charlotte. Charlotte was diagnosed with Aspergers May 20th 2013. My daughter and I were both relieved (happy to have an answer) and sad. Charlotte’s mom is living with Aspergers and we both knew what Charlotte may potentially be facing in her life. At this time in Charlotte’s life she was suffering with severe anxiety. She had experienced panic attacks since she was two years old and the simplest things would stress her out. Charlotte was unable to visit Santa, attend a movie at the theater or simply attend sunday school without fear and a huge meltdown. Charlotte was experiencing sensory issues also and a simple trip to the grocery store would cause her anxiety. She was sensitive to crowds, laughing and other non descript noise. She would tantrum when she needed to get dressed for the day because most outfits irritated her and finding shoes that she would wear was a nightmare. Charlotte wasn’t sleeping well, she would wake up during the night, sleepwalk and have nightmares. It was exhausting getting her to relax at night and she would’nt sleep by herself. It was about six months before her diagnosis that she began rocking and running in circles in an attempt to calm herself. With Charlotte’s diagnosis came my search for help for her. I wanted her to be free of her panic attacks and be able to attend church without fear. My research led me to DORI and JEDDY’S blend and essential oils. I had never used essential oils and was very curious about an all natural help for her. With each testimony that I read I became more hopeful. I decided to order the Jeddy’s blend. I can still remember how excited I was the day that I pulled the package from my mailbox, it was nine months ago. We started using it immediately and due to her sensory issues she was quite resistant. Charlotte didn’t like the smell of the oil at all. We didn’t give her a choice, we continued to roll it on her feet in the morning and evening and with each application she calmed. She stopped mentioning the smell after about two weeks. It was also about that time that joy was being restored to our home. Charlotte was becoming more calm and sleeping. The sleeping was such a welcome improvement to our home and we became very hopeful. Charlotte stopped running in circles and she wasn’t rocking. She was more focused and enjoyed playing with her toys once again. We were still struggling with leaving the house but she was making improvements and we were pleased. Fast forward to April of 2014 and Charlotte is doing quite well. She is learning to ride a bike, is able to attend a movie and attends sunday school without fear. Charlotte recently went thru some increased anxiety and we began to have her rub Jeddy’s over her heart. Charlotte takes responsibility for applying her own oils so I explained that I wanted her to roll some Jeddy’s over her heart and rub it in. Charlotte said “you want me to put Jeddy’s on my Jesus?” Charlotte has accepted Jesus into her heart and has Him living there in her heart. So every morning and evening Charlotte rolls Jeddy’s blend on the bottom of her feet and when she has increased anxiety …. she puts her Jeddy’s on her Jesus!


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